Monday, May 1, 2017

Needle Punching a Bee Skep

I love crafting and have tried my hand at many a projects over the years. The one thing that I am not good at though is drawing. Sadly my drawings consist of stick people and even those look like that of a preschooler. Thankfully there are people like Michelle Palmer (as well as many others) that are fabulous at what they do and they sell and share their creations with us. For without those sketches I would have nothing to create.
Here is my latest. It is a punch needle pattern by Michelle Palmer. She has a total of seven different bee skeps to choose from.  This is what it will look like when finished.

As soon as I finish the bee skep I'll be starting on the American Rooster Heart Flag. If you would like to see some other goodies by Michelle you can find her at Michelle Palmer - Petals and Palettes.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Beautiful Snowfall

We went to bed last night just as the rain was beginning to turn to snow. It was coming down fast and heavy. This morning we awoke to this. 
I measured about 4 inches on the back deck. The tree limbs, electric lines and clothes lines were all sagging with the heavy weight of the wet snow.
It created a beautiful snowy day and we got to sit at home and enjoy it all day because schools were cancelled....yeah for a SNOW DAY!
We haven't had much of a winter here this year. Earlier this week the temperatures were close to 60. I can't say that I'm missing winter but it was nice to see a bit of the white stuff today.
Here are a few more snowy sights from my neighborhood.
Enjoy your snowy or not so snowy day!

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Hand quilting and new projects

My red/blue Farm Girl quilt is slowly getting hand quilted. I seem to go in spurts with it...stitch a few nights and then take a few nights off. I really need to keep at it for two reasons. I'd love to have my living room back (where my quilt frame is currently at) and number two * I still have the aqua Farm Girl quilt that needs quilted.
I've also been browsing all the new 2017 BOM's. So far I've only begun on one.

It is the Have a Jolly Little Christmas BOM from Sew Fresh Quilts. Block one is the stockings. I made two of these and am thinking about making both of them into pillows.

Block two was just released Saturday and I've already got enough fabric cut to make three of them. It is winter mittens and I'm planning on making them into a table runner.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Farm Girl Finish

Well it's not quite a finish but the top is done and ready to be put on my quilting frame. This will turn into my winter project. Lots of evenings will be spent hand quilting this.

I still have quilt top #2 to finish too. It is also from the Farm Girl Vintage pattern but in pretty pastel shades. 
I've been working a good bit lately so I haven't had much time to craft or blog for that matter. I have so much email to catch up on it's unbelievable but that's o.k. because believe it or not I really enjoy my job.
Hopefully with the Thanksgiving break and the Christmas holiday I will get a bit more time to catch up.

Have a great evening!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Farm Girl Vintage

I have been waiting for almost six months to start this quilt. You see, I have several other quilts that are still unfinished so I told myself that I COULD NOT start another until those were finished. 
Well the others still aren't finished but I could wait no longer. Summer is pretty much over in the sense of work and school schedules. Monday begins the new school year and I couldn't wait any longer to get stitching on this before our vacation ended.
I began about a week ago and I am having so much fun with these blocks. I chose to make mine in the 12 inch blocks which are a nice size and easy to work with. It really shouldn't take me long to complete the blocks and get it on the quilting frame. 
If you've never heard of Farm Girl Vintage or Lori Holt then you really should check her blog out.
                       - Bee In My Bonnet - 
This has been the best quilt book that I have ever worked out of. She provides simple and easy instructions with step by step pictures. Well worth the money!

I'm off to check the skies for the meteor shower that is supposed to happen tonight and then off to count sheep.